5650 S 12th Ave. #180, Tucson AZ 85706 (Map)

store front 12th ave la tauna limpia mejor resolThis is a Tauna (correct spelling: tahona and pronounced: town-a) it is a stone mill still used to mill grains and spices. This picture was taken at my sister in laws back yard in Moctezuma Sonora Mexico, she still uses it to mill corn and wheat.


We are a small family owned and operated tortilla factory, based out of Tucson AZ. We are committed to providing the best vegan tortillas in the market with none of the preservatives or additives found in most tortillas. Our tortillas are so delicious it is hard to believe you are eating 100% whole wheat tortillas.

Take a look at what the Tucson Citizen wrote about us:

“They are known for their very delicious and completely vegan tortillas, made from whole wheat and oil and after many years the perfect recipe has been created were one need not sacrifice taste for health…….”

Our recipe was born out of necessity, our youngest son had been sick for some years and doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him. What finally helped him out was a change in diet that included whole wheat breads only.

Because of our Hispanic heritage we disliked the flavor store bought tortillas have, we are used to a homemade taste. We were faced with the need to make our own 100% whole wheat tortillas. After playing around with a family recipe for white flour tortillas with shortening we came up with our delicious 100% stone ground whole wheat tortilla recipe with oil instead of shortening and absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES.

Our tortillas are not only unique, healthy and good for you but they actually taste GREAT, which is something hard to find most of the times with whole wheat tortillas.

We are constantly trying to educate our customers in the benefits of eating whole wheat versus regular white flour. Ninety percent of our customers that visit us to buy the white flour tortillas end up loving the wheat tortillas and take them instead or start buying them later down the road. Our customers agree our tortillas are unlike any whole wheat tortillas they have tasted, so stop by and test them for yourself or

We support the Tucson Community and their  farmers markets and local health food stores, please come and visit us there.


We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!